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G2UI (a trademark of Creative Affinities Inc.) is an integrated suite of applications developed, produced and supported by Creative Affinities to provide enterprise-wide benefits, both task-saving and opportunity-enabling, while managing a wide variety of events within media schedules (including but not limited to superimposed graphics).

Branding, promotions, squeezes, sponsored content, media labelling, VoiceOvers, tone-triggers and more may all be managed simply via rules or manually, often with visualizations of graphic events for diverse users well prior to air. Advanced integration with Traffic and with Playout Automation allows users to concentrate on their primary task as part of the enterprise workflow.

Text4Air (a trademark of Creative Affinities Inc.) is an application suite that leverages interactive media activities as prepaid extra content customizable for delivery streams (such as broadcast) distinct from the original interactive event.

In reliable use since 2009, Text4Air has been effective in attracting specific target demographics to existing series, as well as for interacting with viewers and a wider public audience during special events. Our consulting services can assist media companies determine how to achieve the greatest impact/results over various output streams from their interactive projects.

Database Design, Processing and Management

Election Databases and Analytics

Plus Realtime Integration with Media Presentation Systems

Leveraging Technology for Professional Sports Productions

Chart and Lead Organizational Startups/Shakeups
Financial Management of for-Profits and non-Profits

Algorithms for MultiCurrency Investments

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